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Albert Roux started his apprenticeship at age 14 in 1949, at Patisserie Leclerc, St Mande sur Seine, Paris. Following a three year stint in the military in Algeria, he worked as a private chef for Lady Astor in Nancy; at the French Embassy in London; Chef de Cuisine to Sir Charles Clore; Sous Chef at the British Embassy in Paris; and Chef to Peter Cazelet at Fairlawn, Tonbridge, Kent.

In 1967, Albert and his brother Michel, opened Le Gavroche on Lower Sloan St and moved it to Park Street in 1981.  In 1972, they opened The Waterside Inn at Bray. In 1986, the two brothers separated their business interests, with Albert taking over Le Gavroche, and two years later his son Michel Jr joined him.

In 1999, the Great Chefs team were scheduled to film Michel Jr, but when they arrived, Michel was stuck in Barcelona after the World Cup, so Albert came out of semi-retirement and prepared four of the below dishes for us.  Everyone stopped what they were doing in the kitchen to watch Chef Albert working the line. It was exciting.

Besides receiving three Michelin Stars, Albert and Michel have gone on to open additional facilities, publish books and consult around the world.  The training and encouragement given to chefs working at Le Gavroche is legendary. Pierre KoffmanMarco-Pierre White and Gordon Ramsay are just three, among the very many talented and successful of Le Gavroche alumnae.


Veal Chop with Purée of White Beans

Serving: 4 Print Veal Chop with Purée of White Beans By Great Chefs March 11, 2014 This is a simple dish to make. A purée of white cassolet beans and mixture of sautéed beans and mushrooms provide the setting for magnificent double veal chops. They are accented with a bright green watercress sauce. Chef Roux […]

Ragoût of Langoustine

Serving: 6 Print Ragoût of Langoustine By Great Chefs March 11, 2014 Albert Roux combines the most elegant of ingredients — langoustines, Champagne, beurre blanc — in this beautiful appetizer. Ginger is used to add a little bite. Ingredients Beurre Blanc White Wine Vinegar – 1/2 cup Lemon Juice – 1/4 cup Shallot – 1 […]

Rhubarb Compote with Bavarian Cream and Pepper Tuiles

Serving: 6 Print Rhubarb Compote with Bavarian Cream and Pepper Tuiles By Great Chefs March 11, 2014 This dessert can be prepared in advance, allowing you to spend more time with your guests. It is a special treat since rhubarb is such a seasonal fruit. For extra richness, it is served with Bavarian cream. Ingredients […]

Soufflé Suissesse

Serving: 8 Print Soufflé Suissesse By Great Chefs March 11, 2014 The ultimate version of an extremely rich dish: individual cheese soufflés mounded high, browned to perfection and served in a delicious cream sauce. Ingredients Soufflés Egg Whites – 6 each Bechamel Sauce (recipe follows) Cream Sauce (recipe follows) Bechamel Sauce Unsalted Butter – 1/4 […]

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