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Anne graduated from Columbia University with a degree in Anthropology in the late 70’s, and spent several years doing field work in Africa and Nepal.  During this time, she became interested in food and its preparation. 

Upon returning to New York City, she began her formal food training as an unpaid apprentice in several restaurants and eventually became the brunch, pastry, and head chef at Vanessa in Greenwich Village.  It was there that food critic Mimi Sheraton first singled Rosenzweig out for her originality and creativity.

In 1985 she opened Acadia, and Great Chefs discovered her in 1994 where they taped several dishes for their Great Chefs of the East television series.  Shortly thereafter, she was passed over by the Clinton’s as their White House chef.  In 1995 she opened the Lobster Club, and in 2001 she opened “Inside” in New York City, until 2006.



Lamb Ravioli

Serving: 4 Print Lamb Ravioli By Great Chefs November 10, 2015 These “ravioli” are made with slices of grilled medium-rare lamb layered with ratatouille. At Arcadia this is served as an appetizer, but it could also be an elegant summer entree if accompanied with a larger portion of greens and a potato or pasta salad. […]

Smoked Lobster with Chinese Noodle Cake and Tarragon Butter

Serving: 2 Print Smoked Lobster with Chinese Noodle Cake and Tarragon Butter By Great Chefs October 19, 2015 All sorts of wonderful flavors and textures are combined in this deceptively simple dish. Smoking the lobster enhances the natural affinity of lobster, butter, and tarragon. The lobster is accompanied by crisp noodle cake wedges. Ingredients Tarragon […]

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