Chef Biography

Klara Cvitanovich was born in Yugoslavia and suffered through WWII with the Germans, and later the communists.  Her family’s business was burned down and scattered.  She came to New Orleans where many Croatian’s had moved to fish and do what they did back in their country, just to visit her aunt, and see Mardi Gras.
She was able to secure  a job in travel agency in a downtown department store, where she met her husband.   In 1969, she and her husband opened Drago’s Seafood Restaurant, which later became famous for it’s charcoal cooked oysters.  Great Chefs taped her preparing two Croatian dishes from Yugoslavia in the 1980’s, and today in 2014 she still can be found greeting folks at Drago’s in Metairie, LA


Fried Christmas Cookies (Krostule) ►

Yield: 4 Print Fried Christmas Cookies (Krostule) ► By Great Chefs December 10, 2014 Bourbon and dark rum flavor of these crisp, fried traditional cookies. The cookies can be stored, tightly covered, for 2 to 3 weeks. Ingredients Eggs – 6 Heavy (whipping) cream – 2 cups Vegetable Oil – 2 tablespoons Vanilla – 2 […]

Sarma (Stuffed Cabbage) ►

Yield: 40 – 50 Print Sarma (Stuffed Cabbage) ► By Great Chefs December 10, 2014 These classic meat-stuffed cabbage rolls are baked layered in sauerkraut and tomato sauce. Klara Cvitanovich, who claims Yugoslavia for her heritage, serves them with boiled potatoes. An added bonus: cooked stuffed cabbage will keep indefinitely in the freezer, tightly covered. […]

Restaurant Information

Phone : 504-888-9254
Address : 3232 N Arnoult Rd Metairie, LA 70002

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