Chef Biography

Richard Worthington was born in the UK, trained in France and Great Chefs taped him at the French Meridian Hotel in New Orleans for a Christmas television special, where he prepared a roast turkey and a British Christmas pudding.  He left New Orleans in the late 1980’s and moved to Paris where he has been working with the Starwood Resort Hotels ever since.


Christmas Pudding ►

Yield: 10-12 Print Christmas Pudding ► By Great Chefs December 10, 2014 This traditional English holiday dish is dense with spices and fruit, and soaked with brandy and port. Rich and heavy, it is a centerpiece dessert. Ingredients Seedless Raisins – 4 ounces Dried Currants – 8 ounces White Raisins – 8 ounces All-Purpose Flour […]

Traditional Roast Turkey ►

Print Traditional Roast Turkey ► By Great Chefs December 10, 2014 This version of roast turkey celebrates Richard Worthington’s British roots. Three stuffings, two featuring other meats, are used for this quite traditional feast. Ingredients Truffle Stuffing Chicken Breast – 1 pound boneless, skinned and minced Egg Whites – 2 Heavy (whipping) cream – 1/2 […]

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