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Jean-Pierre Billoux opened his restaurant in 1986 in the vaults of the Hotel de la Cloche. He later moved the location to Independence Square, what used to be Master Chef Henri Racouchot’s Le Trois Faisans back in the early 1900’s, Billoux began his culinary career under the wing of Alexandre Dumaine, whose restaurant, Le Cote, in Saulieu, which is now run by the late Chef Bernard Loiseau’s wife Dominique. Dumaine opened his knowledge to him, teaching not just technique, but culinary philosophy as well. Billoux later worked under Chef Alex Humbert. Le Pre aux Clercs — the front of the house is run by Billoux’s wife, Marie-Francoise — is located in Dijon, the capital of Burgundy. The city, which long ago outgrew its early Roman walls, is filled with architectural styles and art representing ages past. Le Pre aux Clercs is situated opposite the Dukes of Burgundy palace, and its lovely golden rooms are the perfect setting for Billoux’s blend of traditional and creative cuisine.

When the Great Chefs team showed up in mid-September of 1998 Chef Jean-Pierre prepared three dishes for the Great Chefs of the World series, a squab with grapes appetizer, a smoked pike perch entree and a John Dory entree.


Saint-Pierre (John Dory) and Vegetables with Oyster Jus

Chef: Jean-Pierre Billoux Restaurant: Pre Aux Clercs City: Dijon, France Serving: 4 Print Saint-Pierre (John Dory) and Vegetables with Oyster Jus By Great Chefs June 20, 2015 Simple, but unique: Chef Jean-Pierre Billoux uses oysters to thicken and flavor the sauce for these sauteed Saint-Pierre fillets. The fillets are topped with a crust of sauteed vegetables seasoned with […]

Squab with Grapes

Serving: 4 Print Squab with Grapes By Great Chefs March 28, 2014 Peel me a grape — in fact, 48 of them. This lovely and simple dish of marinated, sauteed squab includes 12 large whole, peeled grapes for each person. Chef Billoux removes the seeds with a very clever tool: he bends open a paper […]

Smoked Pike-Perch

Serving: 4 Print Smoked Pike-Perch By Great Chefs March 28, 2014 These simple and delicious layered molds of smoked fish and tomato are served with a quenelle of chive cream and accented with chive oil. The fresh water fish used by Chef Billoux, pike-perch, is familiar to Europeans. In the U.S., a good substitute is […]

Restaurant Information

Phone : +33 1 43 54 41 73

Address : 30 Rue Bonaparte, 75006 Paris, France

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