Chef Biography

Paris-born Patrick Guilbaud inherited a love of cooking from his mother whose family had a long history in the trade. Upon mastering the basics of classical cooking at the Hotel Moderne in Caen, positions at the British Embassy in Paris, Ledoyen and La Mareé gave him his three-star training.

Guilbaud moved to Ireland in 1981. There he set up his own self-styled Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud in James’s Place East, Dublin, before moving in 1998 to the Merrion Hotel in Upper Merrion Street.

In May of 1999, the Great Chefs Television team showed up at the Merrion Hotel to tape Patrick and his capable staff Guillaume LeBrun, Penny Plunkett and Erwan Ledantec, who prepared squab and carpaccio of Dublin Bay prawns. The pastry chef, Erwan Ledantec, prepared a caramel mousse. Dublin was a happy accident even if Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud opened in the midst of recession and endured resistance. Patrick persisted, palates were converted and haute cuisine was here to stay. Two Michelin stars later, the restaurateur maintains his same passion for excellence. “As long as everyone who comes to the restaurant enjoys the experience and leaves happy, then I am happy.”

In February 2004, the restaurant received a mention in the New York Times, reporting that Guilbaud’s food was described as “seriously good” and was served in “seriously elegant surroundings”, with “reservations advised” by the newspaper’s representative, Robert O’Byrne. Food on offer included roast quail coated with hazelnuts. In 2005 Patrick Guilbaud was commissioned by Tipperary Crystal to design wine glass ranges for them.


Iced Caramel Mousse with Bitter Chocolate Coulis

Serving: 8 Print Iced Caramel Mousse with Bitter Chocolate Coulis By Great Chefs April 1, 2014 Exquisite columns of smooth chocolate enclose a piece of chocolate sponge cake and two mousses, one chocolate, one caramel. Note the technique for making the meringue used in the mousses: this is called Italian meringue, and it is sturdier […]

Pigeon with Bunratty Mead

Serving: 2 Print Pigeon with Bunratty Mead By Great Chefs April 1, 2014 Here’s a recipe for squab — pigeon, available in most large supermarkets. Use chicken or quail if you wish, but this is probably the best excuse you’ll ever have to try squab if you haven’t already. Mead is a liquor distilled from […]

Carpaccio of Dublin Bay Prawns

Serving: 4 Print Carpaccio of Dublin Bay Prawns By Great Chefs March 28, 2014 Dublin Bay prawns, used by Chef Plunkett in this elegantly simple appetizer, are more closely related to lobsters than to shrimp. The Venetians call them scampi, and other names for them include lobsterettes, langoustines, or langostinos. But a Dublin Bay prawn […]

Restaurant Information

Phone : +353 1 676 4192

Address : 21 Upper Merrion St, Dublin 2, Ireland

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