Chef Biography

Patrick Gateau was born in Paris to parents who were butchers and skilled in the art of charcuterie.  Following school and apprenticing, he began his career at the Hotel de Crillon, a four-star hotel, followed by the Hotel de Paris in Moulins, then to Monte Carlo to work at Bec Rouge.  His first position as sous chef was in Beaune at Cheval Noir.

Great Chefs caught up with him at the Carl Gustav Hotel on the French island of St. Barthelemy in the French West Indies. Chef Patrick was the chef de cuisine, and he was taped for their Great Chefs of the Caribbean television series for the Discovery Channel.

He has since returned to France to be the chef of enterprises in Lyon for Le Ramequin.


Exotic Fruit Gratin with Old Rum

Serving: 4 Print Exotic Fruit Gratin with Old Rum By Great Chefs September 17, 2015 This simple Caribbean dessert of fruit under a rum-flavored gratin offers a wonderful combination of flavors, textures, and temperatures. The apple garnish is an extraordinary creation. Ingredients Apple Fountain Garnishes Lemon Juice – 1 lemon Water – 1 cup Golden […]

Veal Chop With Potatoes a la Provencal

Serving: 4 Print Veal Chop With Potatoes a la Provencal By Great Chefs September 16, 2015 Rich yet quite simple to make, these veal chops are browned on top of the stove, then finished in the oven, a process which gives them a golden glaze without overcooking the outsides. They are served with onions sauteed […]

Fresh Red Tuna Tartare

Serving: 4 Print Fresh Red Tuna Tartare By Great Chefs September 16, 2015 Perfect, sushi-grade tuna is the basis for this dish, and it must be fresh. The lovely presentation creates a torte, iced with sour cream and topped with a cherry tomato. The dish may be made ahead of time and set to chill; […]

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