Chef Biography

Philippe Mongereau graduated from the Mederic Restaurant and Hotel School in Paris, France, then apprenticed at Le Relais St. James in Bordeaux, and La Maison Blanche and La Tour D’Argent in Paris.  He moved to Los Angeles at MA MAISON restaurant until March of 1990. In 1989 he attended Lycee D’hotellerie et de Tourisme and in 1992 worked at the Les Trois Marches Restaurant in Versailles.

In 1990, he was offered to become the chef at Gulf & Western’s new resort “Casa de Campo” in the Dominican Republic.  It was there that Great Chefs flew in on a world wind tour of the Caribbean and taped Chef Mongereau for their new Caribbean series Great Chefs of the Caribbean in 1998. Later he was nominated as Special Chef of the Year by the James Beard Foundation.


Baked Fillet of Sea Bass

Serving: 4 Print Baked Fillet of Sea Bass By Great Chefs September 20, 2015 While tomato-based sauce is a popular accompaniment for fish, this dish packs a kick: hot peppers. The sea bass, a mild firm-fleshed fish, is basted with mustard and lightly coated with a breadcrumb blend. It is seared, then poached in wine […]

Suckling Pig Paupiette with Guava Sauce

Serving: 8 Print Suckling Pig Paupiette with Guava Sauce By Great Chefs September 17, 2015 Tender suckling pig chunks are mixed into a pork mousseline, and the whole is wrapped with glazed cabbage leaves — possibly the most elegant stuffed cabbage ever! Chef Mongereau uses a whole suckling pig, slow-roasting it until the meat is […]

Caribbean Lobster Tail Orquijdee

Serving: 4 Print Caribbean Lobster Tail Orquijdee By Great Chefs September 17, 2015 Lobster and fresh vegetables are sauteed, one after the other, then sauced with a mixture that includes vanilla beans, apple cider vinegar, butter, and lime or lemon juice — cooked together in the pan in which the lobster tails were cooked. The […]

Floating Island Hispaniola

Serving: 8 Print Floating Island Hispaniola By Great Chefs September 16, 2015 The use of vegetables in desserts is unusual to Americans, but many cultures make use of the sugars in vegetables to create dessert dishes. These floating islands are adrift in a sea of red, or kidney, bean puree scented with cinnamon, allspice, and […]

Restaurant Information

Address: Carr La Romana – Higuey, La Romana, Dominican Republic
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