Chef Biography

Vernon Hughes graduated from high school and went to work at the Cinnamon Reef Hotel on Anguilla as a dishwasher, where his cousin, George Ried, worked as the sous chef. Both his cousin and the executive chef, Victor Connor, saw his interest in cooking and both began to help, providing him with cookbooks and asking him to prep and do different things that he enjoyed doing.

He worked his way up the ladder, following the footsteps of his cousin, and in 1991, he captured the title of Anguilla’s Chef of the Year.  In 1997, executive Chef Vernon welcomed the Great Chefs crew who were taping Great Chefs of the Caribbean for the Discovery Channel.

After 20 years when the Cinnamon Reef Hotel was sold, Chef Vernon Hughes went on his own and opened Es OvenRestaurant & Bar that specializes in upscale Caribbean cuisine that is one of the highlights of Anguilla today, in 2016.


Garlic-crusted Crayfish Tails

Serving: 2 Print Garlic-crusted Crayfish Tails By Great Chefs September 19, 2015 Caribbean crayfish are enormous by U.S. mainland standards, but there are many substitutions: Maine or spiny lobster tails, or even very large prawns. The dish works well with any of these, and makes a pretty presentation. The ragout itself wold also be good […]

Lobster Pancakes with Stingythyme Sauce

Serving: 4 Print Lobster Pancakes with Stingythyme Sauce By Great Chefs September 17, 2015 Sweet potato pancakes are lifted from the ordinary with pieces of lobster tail and a little nutmeg spice. Stingythyme, a variety of thyme indigenous to Anguilla, gives an intense flavor to the dish. Fresh thyme may be substituted; use a little […]

Restaurant Information

Address: South Hill AI-2640, Anguilla
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