Chef Biography

Robert Holley was born and raised on Long Island, and at the age of 17 took a job as cook at the Good Samaritan Hospital on Long Island, which led him to enroll in the Culinary Institute.  After graduating in 1987, he went to work for Great Chef Gilbert Le Coze and Gilbert’s sister, Maguy Le Coze, at La Bernadin.

Four year later, Le Coze moved Chef Holley to Miami (and Great Chef Eric Ripert replaced chef Holley at La Bernadin) to open Brasserie Le Coze. Shortly thereafter, in 1994 they opened a second Brasserie Le Coze in the Buckhead area of Atlanta, and Chef Robert was called upon to make it happen again.

In 1997, Great Chefs caught up with him in Atlanta to film several dishes for their Great Chefs of the South series for the Discovery Channel.  In 2000, Pano Karatassos, of Pano’s & Paul’s fame, hired Chef Robert Holley to lead the kitchen of his Atlanta Fish Market where he remains today, in 2015.


Coq au Vin

Serving: 4 Print Coq au Vin By Great Chefs November 11, 2015 Many steps produce golden-brown chicken pieces steeped in a flavorful marinade and cooked with veal stock, accompanied by deeply browned onions and mushrooms, tiny potatoes, and diced vegetables. Preparing the various pieces of the dish separately preserves their individual flavors and textures. Ingredients […]

Salmon in Phyllo with Wild Mushroom Ragout

Serving: 4 Print Salmon in Phyllo with Wild Mushroom Ragout By Great Chefs October 4, 2015 When finished, the sum total of this wonderful entree is more than the sum of its parts. Chef Holley uses straightforward ingredients. The only two that might be a stretch for the home cook are the mussel jus and […]

Warm Goat Cheese Potato Cake with Herbed Mixed Greens

Serving: 4 Print Warm Goat Cheese Potato Cake with Herbed Mixed Greens By Great Chefs September 28, 2015 Towers of herbed potato salad mixture are topped with goat cheese, which is melted, topped with herbed sabayon, and browned. The cake is a perfect appetizer or even a luncheon dish; the potato salad mixture is wonderful […]

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Phone :(404) 262-3165
Address : 265 Pharr Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30305

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