Celebrate French Independence Without Breaking the Bank 

Check out the new-and-improved table wines from France


vin-de-franceFrance is home to spectacular regional wines. But what if you want to have the best of all regions in a single bottle? The answer lies in a bottle of Vin de France.

Vin de France, formerly known as Vin de Table, is a French designation indicating that the wine can be a perfectly balanced blend of grapes grown across many different regions of France. Rather than focusing on a single region or village, the spotlight is on the grape variety; you’ll find mono-variety wines or a blend of different grape varieties. The wines in this category are quaffable, accessible and easy on the wallet, with prices ranging from $9-$15 a bottle.

As a modern designation (Vin de France was created in Europe in 2009) the wines depict fun, playful and experimental labels, and the winemakers themselves are given leeway to be as experimental as their New World counterparts. But despite the cutting-edge modernity, Vin de France is also a stamp of quality from the vineyard to the bottle.

July 14 is Bastille Day. It is a French national holiday that commemorates the storming of the Bastille in 1789, which sparked the French Revolution. For Bastille Day and for summertime imbibing be sure to try crisp, thirst-quenching white wines and rosés, as well as the juicy, medium-to-full bodied red wines of Vin de France!

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