Onwards and Upwards

Dear USC Friends, Family and Faithful,
The last month or so has been full of emotion. Ok, well that might even be an understatement as I cannot begin to describe the volume, depth or sincerity of the outpouring of support, questions, intrigue (and yes, sometimes rage) that has been  expressed to me by many of you.
We feel incredibly blessed to know the degree to which you care, and the vested  interest you take in our future. To that end, let me dispel a myth or two, grown out of  all the buzz:

1) We are NOT closing. We WILL endure…it is a non-negotiable.
2) No aces up our sleeve…we are actively pursuing options for a new home but do not
have it yet. Although we have not completely thrown in the towel with the possibility of remaining at 21 East 16th Street, we recognize that chance to be slim at best. Therefore, we are in the process of figuring out the best move for our next 30 years.
Amidst such turbulent times I could certainly see the logic in attempting to keep everything as consistent as possible. Stay the course, navigate through tested waters. We have 17 months or so to ride out into the beautiful sunset, let’s just keep it as it was, right?
Perhaps it’s a healthy dose of naiveté dwelling in my soul or just that I have too much respect for and faith in my teammates, but I find safe and steady to be unacceptable. We are going to push and continue to evolve.
So have you been by lately and seen what is going on in the kitchen? Chef Carmen’s riff  on Wild King Salmon this summer is the best preparation of salmon I have tasted in  years. With an expanded management team built for the future, we have created a new  Sommelier position to enhance your dining experience each night. And wait until you see all of the amazing events and celebrations we have planned for our 30th year!

It may seem like there is time, but the end of 2015 is just around the corner. I feel inspired coming to work each and every day and honored to share in the opportunity to create new memories and moments for all of you with our team. We are working
harder than ever to deliver on our legacy. Because while we know the four walls of 21 East 16th Street cannot evolve or move, our two most important stakeholders (our teammates and you, our guests) both have legs…

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