This was taken at Sirio’s retirement party with many of the Great Chefs who worked for him, at one time or another, and some of the NYC chefs we produce for our various series including Michael Lomonoco (LFront); Bill Telepan (RFront); and on either side of Sirio Maccioni, Daniel Boulud (LRear)& Eric Ripert (RRear).

Sirio Maccioni was born April 5, 1932 in Montecatini Treme, Tuscany, Italy and passed at age 88, April 20, 2020, in his home town in Italy.

Great Chefs taped pastry chef Jacques Torres, in the basement of Sirio’s LeCirque Restaurant in the NYC Mayfair Hotel, on a Valentine’s Sunday morning. Later they taped Chef Daniel Boulud, who was Le Cirques former chef, when he took over the same location for his “Daniel’s Restaurant”.

Sirio called several times during  the Valentine’s Day shoot,  just to make sure everything was going OK. The afternoon before Daniel’s was to open their doors, a six foot floral display arrived from Sirio, and Chef Boulud said, “ I guess he’s not mad at me anymore for leaving  Le Cirque!

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