Good Morning All, yup, its cold and snowy out there again, ughhhhh! Deep breath, embrace and release.

Above is a photo of Brian’s pork terrine with French black truffles & foie gras inlay. After is was pulled from the terrine mold he split it and put it into a cryo-vac bag. He doused it with Armagnac then sucked each bag free of air. It will take on a fantastic flavor as it sits for a few days, keep your eyes on the special postings for it to be run as the charcutiere plate.

I realize we are all growing tired of the winter blahs but we have less than 60 days until spring rolls in, just over 8 weeks. WE CAN ALL MAKE IT THRU THIS!!. Set yourself up for success: take your vitamins (vitaminD3 & C to be specific) , get at least 3 days of physical activity weekly (I’ve been putting on my all weather boots and trekking in the elements at Grants Park- very refreshing, boxing at Drakes 2 days a week and Pilates @ Practice every Thursday), start your day off with a good meal (steel cut oats, raspberries & coconut milk worked for me this am). Drink loads of water, it really does help keep you hydrated, inside and out…..

Friday evening we are featuring a beautiful 8oz. center cut, all natural bone-in pork chop grilled to medium. One of my new favorite whole grains, farro will show up prepared utilizing the same technique that is applied when cooking arborio rice into risotto. The nutty earthiness will be highlighted as the grains slowly cook in seasoned broth. Frequent stirring of the farro as it cooks will work to mimic the “creaminess” in the finished dish. The fresh taste of spring will be evident from a bite into the wilted, locally grown pea shoots (one of my favorite taste of the coming season). I handpicked 10 gorgeous Anjou pears that will be cut into thin wedges then quick grilled to soften the flesh and impart a smokiness from the grill. Rings of red onion will be tossed with EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) then set atop a hot, oiled and seasoned griddle until they begin to soften and caramelize. After both are cool we will put it all together with a shot of local honey, pinch of fresh thyme, 1 shot of aged sherry vinegar and a small amount of olive oil. The dish will be complete with a drape of flavorful sherry reduction made from real ingredients and thickened by reduction. YUM!!

Consider the veal of Saturdays Bistro Special…..The rather large shanks will be marinated overnight in a puree of roasted onion, flamed Madeira, thyme, white pepper, and a splash of hazelnut oil. The next day they will be seasoned and seared on all sides on the griddle then set in a bath of flamed Madeira, thyme spring & bay leaf bouquet, roasted poultry stock and veal remoulage for a 18-22 hours slow braise. Saturdaymorning the shanks will be pulled from the Winston. After it cools a bit we will be pulling the tender meat from the bone then portion it for service. Hungry Toad parsnip** puree adds a sweet earthiness that will compliment the subtle richness of the veal. The braising liquid will be slightly thickened then garnished with thin wedges of roasted Cipollini onions, toasted, chopped hazelnuts, and freshly wilted baby spinach. These flavors are so delicious and not too bad for you either.

Evan has put together a five wine tasting for this evening, $26 for a tasting portion of each. The Kermit Lynch sourced wines: 1 from California, 1 from Italy, and 3 from France giving you a unique look into a few of his collectable wines. Evan will likely have a story or two to tell you about his interest in each of them. You know you enjoy his pontification, I do at least.

The first February wine tasting will be held on Tuesday, February 4th, details coming next week.

Thanks for reading my story this morning, Anne

In addition to the menus listed below we showcase the seasonal harvest of the Miami Valley and regionally in a variety of daily specials from soup to desserts, ** local. Every day we post our daily offerings by 3pm:

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We are available daily after 12noon to take your calls and fill your reservation needs: 937-610-1061 or you can book a table on our website thru Opentable.

Wine Tasting for Tuesday, January 21st, 2014 (5-7pm)
Wine Trends! Join us for five tastes of fine wines from the Wine Trends portfolio.
They bring us great wine from a wonderful importer Kermit Lynch!
Kuentz-Bas, Alsace, 2010
Regis Minet, Pouilly Fume, 2011
Neyers, Chardonnay, Carneros, 2012
Ceretto, Barbaresco, 2008
Telegramme, Chateauneuf-du-Pape, 2011
Please enjoy these five wines with an Amuse-Bouche prepared by the RUE DUMAINE kitchen

Bistro Specials for the week of January 21st, 2014
Grilled Õra King salmon*, grilled beets** & Yukon potatoes, wilted pea shoots, relish of shaved fennel & English peas, lemon vinaigrette
Join us for a taste of Louisiana tonight….Creole spiced chicken quarters**, mirliton batonnet, AWS bacon, wilted spinach, Creole remoulade
Roasted garlic marinated , grilled beef flank steak*, potato gnocchi, broccoli, Trumpet Royale mushrooms**
Grilled pork chop*, creamy farro “risotto”, wilted pea shoots, warm relish of grilled pear-griddled red onion
Madeira braised veal shank, parsnip** puree, roasted Cipollini onions, hazelnuts, spinach
** locally grown

Lunch menu for Friday, January 24th, 2014 (seating from 11:30am-1:30pm)
Mushroom soup, barley-tomato garni
Dumaine salad-50% locally grown mixed greens, balsamic vinaigrette,
grilled OHIO Melrose apples, blue cheese
Warm salad of kale, pecans, roasted radishes, lemon vinaigrette, Parmigiano-Reggiano-yum!!
House-cured country-style ham & Gruyere crepes gratinee
Sandwich of (house-cured) spicy air dried ham, Asiago, arugula**-Picholine olive tapenade & slow roasted tomato, served with an orzo-wild rice salad
Grilled salmon, parsnip** puree, pea shoots**,Cordoba olive-shallot vinaigrette
François Payard’s dark & white chocolate napoleon
** local

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