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Christian Iser was born and raised in Cognac, France.  His family considered him the black sheep of the family because of his insistence on training as a chef.  He left for Paris at an early age to attend cooking school, then apprenticed three years in the French Navy.  He then worked his way up the culinary ladder aboard several luxury liners sailing between Europe and the United States.  He was able to take a position as chef at a small East Coast restaurant, traveling the U.S. whenever possible.  In 1974, he moved to San Francisco and worked several jobs in hotels over the next four years.

In 1978, he arrived at the Stanford Court Hotel, to open what was then known as Fournou’s Ovens.  In 1982, the Great Chefs television team was producing their second series for PBS called Great Chefs of San Francisco, and arrived in the kitchens of the Stanford Court to tape Chef Iser and Pastry Chef Jim Dodge.


Enoki-topped Shrimp Salad ►

Yield: 4 Print Enoki-topped Shrimp Salad ► By Great Chefs November 18, 2014 Tiny bay shrimp are one of the delights in San Francisco, Sweet and sea-fresh, they are about the size of a thumbnail. At Fournou’s Ovens they are served over fresh greens, accented with a mustard dressing, Roquefort cheese, and tiny enoki mushrooms. […]

Cassoulette of Langoustine ►

Yield: 4 Print Cassoulette of Langoustine ► By Great Chefs November 18, 2014 This pretty seafood appetizer is easy to finish at the last minute. Langoustine tails and scallops are sauteed in butter with shallots and served with a creamy sauce studded with vegetables. Ingredients Langoustines – 12, cooked (alt.jumbo prawns) Scallops – 4 Olive […]

Stanford Court Bread Pudding ►

Yield: 12 Print Stanford Court Bread Pudding ► By Great Chefs November 18, 2014 Bread Pudding is one of the great comfort foods, and a wonderful use for day-old bread. At the Stanford Court, bread pudding is made with brioche layered with apples and raspberries, an uptown version of a down home favorite. You could […]

Cinnamon Peach Tart ►

Yield: 1 Serving: 6-8 Print Cinnamon Peach Tart ► By Great Chefs November 18, 2014 A cinnamon tart shell holds glazed fresh peach sections, a wonderful way to serve fresh peaches. The cinnamon tart shell and glaze would also work well with apple slices or fresh blackberries. Ingredients Cinnamon Dough All-Purpose Flour – 2-1/2 cups […]

Rack of Lamb with Herb Sauce ►

Serving: 4 Print Rack of Lamb with Herb Sauce ► By Great Chefs November 18, 2014 Fresh herbs work their magic in the marinade, leaving a hint of flavor in the lamb racks. Added to the developing sauce, they also add to the mint, bouquet garni, fresh ham, and dill pickles that round out the […]

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