Great Chefs of Hawaii Cookbook


About the Series
Great Chefs is all about Great Chefs cooking!

We take the cameras into their kitchens around the world. Not only do we bring along the producers, directors, cameramen, light & sound personnel, but we bring a still photographer and a culinary director who take notes and obtain the chefs recipes for a companion cookbook. Once back in our New Orleans headquarters, our culinary experts test the recipes multiple times and our cookbook authors start writing the cookbook. Our graphic artists begin the book layout, all while the television department completes the series so that the book and shows can be released simultaneously. Recently we abandoned the print media including the magazines, although some issues and books are still in print and can be purchased here. Out of print issues are being digitized and will be available to download later through

Steve Amaral, Jeff Cabiles, Patrick Callarec, Heather Carlin, Peter Chilla, Sam Choy, Kathleen Daelemans, Kelly Degala, Daniel Delbrel, Mark Ellman, Robert Eng, Amy Ferguson-Ota, Beverly Gannon, Manuel Garcia, Edwin Goto, Mark Hetzel, Gordon Hopkins, Dominique Jamain, David Paul Johnson, Jean-Marie Josselin, Gerard Kaleohano, Tod Kawachi, OnJin Kim, Derek Langlois, Jacqueline Lau, George Mavrothalassitis, Peter Merriman, Bradley Montgomery, Ronald Nasuti, Mark Okumura, Philippe Padovani, Gerard Reversade, Mako Segawa-Gonzales, Katsuo ‚“Chef Suki‚” Sugiura, Russell Siu, Alex Stanislaw, Gary Strehl, Corey Waite, Jeff Walters, Rodney Weddle, Alan Wong, Thomas B.H. Wong, Roy Yamaguchi



What You’ll Get

Prepare the dishes that make Hawaii’s cooking world famous. Enjoy the passport to the wonderful fresh flavors of Hawaii’s regional cuisine. When chefs trained in French technique met local Hawaiian chefs and began working with the islands’ fresh local ingredients, it sparked the magic of New Hawaiian Cuisine. This cookbook contains the most extensive glossary of Hawaiian ingredients ever‚Äîbut you can quickly find easily-obtained local items to substitute as the book gives mainland alternatives. Try Crispy Thai-style Chicken, Caramelized Maui Onion Soup, White Chocolate Mango Mousse, Roasted Opakapaka (snapper) with Orange-Ginger Butter, Macadamia-crusted Shutome (swordfish), Caramel Miranda, – Grilled Lamb Chops, Wok-charred Ahi (tuna), Blacked Jawaiian Spicy Chicken, Flourless Macadamia-Chocolate Cake, and other delicious treats.

200+ color photos ‚ 400+ recipes ‚ special luau section ‚ 34 pages

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