Great Chefs of the South Cookbook


The Great Chefs of the South reveal old and new recipes from hot spots such as: Atlanta, Miami, Tampa, Charleston, Memphis, Birmingham, New Orleans, Savannah, and Nashville, just to name a few. Timeless techniques and distinctly Southern ingredients, like catfish, cornmeal, pecans, collards, bourbon, Vidalia onions, sweet potatoes, bacon, tasso, key limes, and even a little Jack Daniels Black, convey Southern style and hospitality. Look for recipes like Sugar Cane-speared Shrimp, Cuban French Toast, Blackberry-glazed Quail, Pannéed Catfish with Crayfish Stuffing, Chocolate Refreshmint Cake, Chocolate Bananas Foster Cake, Roasted Chicken with Sweet Potato Chips, Beef Tenderloin Stuffed with Herbed Cream Cheese, and lots more



About the Series

Great Chefs is all about Great Chefs cooking!
We take the cameras into their kitchens around the world. Not only do we bring along the producers, directors, cameramen, light & sound personnel, but we bring a still photographer and a culinary director who take notes and obtain the chefs recipes for a companion cookbook. Once back in our New Orleans headquarters, our culinary experts test the recipes multiple times and our cookbook authors start writing the cookbook. Our graphic artists begin the book layout, all while the television department completes the series so that the book and shows can be released simultaneously. Recently we abandoned the print media including the magazines, although some issues and books are still in print and can be purchased here. Out of print issues are being digitized and will be available to download later through


Jamie Adams, Paul Albrecht, Scott Alderson, Renée Anzalone, Nick Apostle, Stephen Austin, Jean Banchet, Donald Barickman, Ben Barker, Gene Bjorklund, Marty Blitz, James Burns, Frank Caputo, Kathy Cary, Joe Castro, Thomas Catherall, John Currence, Peter deJong, Stephen Demeter, Johnny Earles, Jonathan Eismann, John Fleer, Greg Gammage, Wilhelm Gahabka, Larry Gober, Shane Gorringe, Will Greenwood, Richard Grenamyer, Jose Gutierrez, Clifford Harrison, Robert Holley, Scott Howell, Kenneth Hunsberger, Roger Kaplan, Frank Lee, Christopher Malta, Cory Mattson, Michael McSweeny, – Mark Medure, Daniel Mellman, Heather Mendenhall, Dean Mitchell, Frederic Monti, Norma Naparlo, Chris Northmore, Daniel O´Leary, W. Lewis Osteen, Pascal Oudin, Debra Paquette, Reimund Pitz, Steven Schaefer, Guenter Seeger, Jamie Shannon, Anoosh Shariat, Susan Spicer, Frank Stitt, Libby Stritch, Casey Taylor, Elizabeth Terry, Guillermo Thomas, Jeffrey Tuttle, Norman Van Aken, Guillermo Veloso, Robert Waggoner, Wally Joe, Allen Rubin White, Hallman Woods III

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