Great Chefs of the Caribbean Cookbook


Give your meals an exotic touch with the ingredients you find in your own market. Caribbean style adds fruit and spice to chicken and fish as well as desserts. Try Chicken Trinidad, Jerk-seasoned Pork, Coffee-Cocoa-spiced Lamb, Shrimp Sauté, Stacked Key Lime Pie, Coconut Layer Cake, Crème Br√ªlée and other tropical dishes demonstrated on Great Chefs of the Caribbean. This creative and colorful cookbook includes an extensive glossary, biographies of the chefs, and recipe basics.

Color photos‚ 105 dishes‚ 240 pages‚ hardbound



About the Series

Great Chefs is all about Great Chefs cooking!
We take the cameras into their kitchens around the world. Not only do we bring along the producers, directors, cameramen, light & sound personnel, but we bring a still photographer and a culinary director who take notes and obtain the chefs recipes for a companion cookbook. Once back in our New Orleans headquarters, our culinary experts test the recipes multiple times and our cookbook authors start writing the cookbook. Our graphic artists begin the book layout, all while the television department completes the series so that the book and shows can be released simultaneously. Recently we abandoned the print media including the magazines, although some issues and books are still in print and can be purchased here. Out of print issues are being digitized and will be available to download later through


Thierry Alix, Alfred Ayala, Janice Barber, Stephane Bois, Kevin Boxx, Cécile Briaud, Richard Buttafuso, Pierre Castagne, Michel Chiche, Andrew Comey, Jeremie Cruz, Mark Ehrler, Philippa Esposito, Philip Fitzpatrick, Christopher Fulcher, Martin Frost, Ernesto Garrigos, Patrick Gateau, Patrick Gauducheau, Keith Griffin, Rolston Hector, Peggy and Vernon Hughes, David Kendrick, Roy Khoo, Kyle Kingrey, Patrick Lassaque, Alain Laurent, Hubert Lorenz, Michael Madsen, George McKirdy, Philippe Mongereau, Benoit Pepin, Ivor Peters, Ramesh Pillai, Bent Rasmussen, John Rhymer, Douglas Rodriguez, Keith Scheible, Norma Shirley, Dayn Smith, Troy Smith, Joseph Teuschler, Jeffrey Vigilla, Ottmar Weber, Roger Wiles, and Scott Williams

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