Great Chefs Louisiana New Garde Cookbook


Emeril Lagasse, Susan Spicer, and Frank Brigtsen head the list of Louisiana’s finest chefs. They will teach you some of Louisiana’s best kept secrets, how to create Louisiana cuisine and take it to new levels. New Orleans and the surrounding region are famous for their fine food and distinctive cuisine. Part of it can be attributed to ingredients‚Äîplump shrimp, tasty crawfish (now available nationwide), regional sausages like andouille, fresh seafood. Part of it comes from the melding of traditions, French, African, and Spanish influences. Bring the flavor home to your own table with recipes like Emeril Lagasse’s Shrimp and Andouille Cheesecake appetizer, White Chocolate Bread Pudding, Catfish Pecan, Painted Pasta Ribbons with Soft-shell Crab, Maw Maw’s Chicken Stew, Creole Bouillabaisse, Filet Mignon with Shiitakes and Cabernet Sauce, Commander’s Palace Tasso Shrimp with Five-Pepper Jelly, Pecan Profiterolles, and a lot more.

130+ color photos‚ 230 recipes‚ 8-1/2×11″ size‚ 162 pages



About the Series

Great Chefs is all about Great Chefs cooking!
We take the cameras into their kitchens around the world. Not only do we bring along the producers, directors, cameramen, light & sound personnel, but we bring a still photographer and a culinary director who take notes and obtain the chefs recipes for a companion cookbook. Once back in our New Orleans headquarters, our culinary experts test the recipes multiple times and our cookbook authors start writing the cookbook. Our graphic artists begin the book layout, all while the television department completes the series so that the book and shows can be released simultaneously. Recently we abandoned the print media including the magazines, although some issues and books are still in print and can be purchased here. Out of print issues are being digitized and will be available to download later through


Joyce Banister, Randy Barlow, André Begnaud, Dick Brennan, Jr., Frank Brigtsen, John Caluda, Patti Constantin, Joel deBourgonnier, Ann Dunbar, Christiane Engeran Fisher, Michael Fennelly, Haley Gabel, Shane Gorringe, Bernard Gotz, Kevin Graham, Lisa Hanson, Mark Hollger, Richard Hughes, Dennis Hutley, Armand Jonté, Michael Jordan, Jay Kimball, Kim Kringlie, Robert Krol, Emeril Lagasse, Daphne Macias, Gerard Maras, David McCelvey, Keil Moshier, Patrick Mould, John Neal, Michelle Nugent, Gigi Patout, Horst Pfeifer, André Poirot, Bob Roth, Hubert Sandot, Fernando Saracchi, Jamie Shannon, Mary Sonnier, Greg Sonnier, Susan Spicer, Andrea Tritico, Michael Uddo, Bill Valentine, Tom Weaver, Randy Windham

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